First, you have to sign up for the locations where you are looking for housing. Once you have registered, send applications of interest for apartments in the city of your choice. You will find vacant apartments here.
We can never make any guarantees, since the landlord is the one who chooses the tenants.

Your information is confidential and is provided only to the landlords whose apartments you are interested in renting. Some information needs to be passed on to partners for the service to work. If you have questions about this, please contact us. You can easily administer your information by logging in to My pages.

Yes, you can easily change your information by logging in to My pages. However, there are some fields that you can not change (income, etc.). To change this, send an email to info@bostadsregistret.se. and we will change it for you. Remember stating your personal identity number.

Go to available apartments and you will find them there.
No, send your application of interest at Available apartments or by logging on to My pages where you can easily follow the process of the current apartment.

You pay an annual fee. NOTE: If you do not pay the invoice, it goes to debt collection.

If you register for more than one city so that the price exceeds 300 SEK, you will have a 50 percent discount on the exceeding amount. If you have choose invoice payment, an fee of 29SEK will be added.

You can register with a trustee, read more about trustee in the question “Whats a trustee?”

Contact us by email at info@bostadsregistret.se and we will add the area. Our goal is to grow constantly and include all of Sweden.

For one (1) year or until the day, you get an apartment through us. If you have not accepted or been offered an apartment during the year, you can extend your account via My pages to keep your queuing time.

Via the payment service Payson when you register. You can choose to pay by credit card, bank transfer or invoice. NOTE: If you select invoice as payment method, an invoice fee of 29 SEK will be added. Once your registration expires (after 365 days) you have to actively renew it and pay the membership fee through My pages.

The landlord chooses who will come and see the apartment.

You may follow the process via My Pages. The landlord invites potential tenants to come and see apartments.

We have a fourteen (14) day cancellation period. You have no right of withdrawal when you have sent an application of interest for an apartment.

Bostadsregistret advertises vacant apartments in several different market places. Bostadsregistret is agency between landlords and tenants.

NOTE! We do not advertise in marketplaces that will charge a fee. If you find any of the apartments we manage on such a website, it is because they have copied the advertisement without permission.

It varies from landlord to landlord. Some agree if you have a creditor. Some look at the big picture of your application and you may then have an opportunity even without a creditor. However, there are landlords who will reject your application if you have poor credit.

For you whom don’t have a mobile bank id or do not have the option to have a mobile bank id. Also for you whom don’t have a Swedish personal id number (You must have a coordination number if you don’t have a personal id number).

If you work for the municipality and help applicants who do not have a Swedish personal id number or if you are a child or grandchild to someone who does not have a mobile bank id, you can manage the applicants account being a trustee. This means that with your mobile bank id you sign for one or more applicants behalf, terms but also login. You should, if we ask, be able to provide a written attorney that you are allowed to be a trustee for every person and that you take the responsibility for the information.

If you have any questions about what it means to be a trustee call our PBX at 036-299 97 00.


We offer you as a landlord Sweden’s most modern rental system and housing queue free of charge. For example, we manage the queue, interested tenants, statistics, advertise your apartments, do credit checks of potential tenants and present suggestions for tenants in accordance with your rental policy. We also offer a range of other services for landlords, such as websites. Contact us for more information

The rental system and queue are free of charge for you as a landlord. Other services, such as websites, are priced by means of offer and acceptance.

Contact us at info@bostadsregistret.se and we will add the area. Our goal is to constantly grow and include all of Sweden.


Yes. In social media, as well as other media and market places


Landlord put/choose vacant apartment/residence in to Bostadsregistret through the rental system.

Bostadsregistret approve, publish and advertise through various marketplaces (Partners).

Registered candidates submit their expressions of interest, for five days. After five days an application counts as late.

Bostadsregistrets rental system then checks the information on the candidates, credit lookups, and the landlord can then manage applicants in the rental system in accordance with its rental policy. Late interest reaches the landlord in real time.

Landlord contact themself applicants for viewing/deal.

Landlord unpublish apartment / house and announces Bostadsregistret who have got the apartment / house through the rental system.

Bostadsregistret manages the apartment / house as rented out and the other applicants is notified though My pages. Applicants can also get answers before the apartment is rented out in some cases. The pplicant who got the apartment loses his/her place in the queue.

All affiliated landlords in one location

One contact

No need to hunt in the jungle of rentals

Fair system where all registered applicants have the ability to search every apartment/residence for the city they are registered for

Safe – all landlords reviewed

Free rental system

Reduced administration – Bostadsregistret handles calls and emails from applicants

More aplicants through our Partners

Safe – all housing applicants are reviewed


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We protect your privacy and are therefore very careful when processing your personal information. On this page, you can read about how we collect, share, and use your personal information and what rights you have. It is important that you know the information and if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

All information directly or indirectly linked to a physical person who is alive is personal data. Even photos and sound recordings on individuals can be personal data even though no names are mentioned. Encrypted data and various types of electronic identities, such as IP number, are considered personal data if they can be linked to individuals.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Bostadsregistret AB handles personal data in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but also ”Penningtvättslagen”, a law about money laundering and terrosim in Sweden, and ”Fastighetsmäklarlagen”, a law for Real Estate Agents in Sweden. The policy covers all data management where personal data are handled and encompasses both structured and unstructured data.

All our employees must comply with this policy.

Bostadsregistret AB is responsible for the processing of personal data in accordance with this policy.

The policy must be determined by Bostadsregistret AB at least once a year and updated if necessary.

The CEO is responsible for keeping the process and update of the policy as a result of new and / or changed rules / laws.

This policy applies to the board, CEO employees, Subprocessors and Data Processors affected by our business.

The CEO has overall responsibility for the content of this policy and that it is implemented and enforced by the business. The CEO may delegate responsibility and implementation to the appropriate person at the company. The CEO has delegated parts of this implementation of this Policy to Employees (Programmers) and Data Processors. CEO, Daniel Gustafsson, is ”Dataskyddsombud”.

All employees are responsible for acting in accordance with this policy and what it wants to ensure.

Concept Signification
Personal Data


Personal data processing

A personal data is any information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a person.

The person to whom a personal data refers to, that is, the person who can be identified directly or indirectly through the personal data in a register.

An action or combination of personal data actions – regardless of whether they are performed automated or not – such as collection, registration, organization and structuring.

Each personal data processing should be done according to the following principles:


Purpose limitation

Data Minimization


Storage Minimization

Integrity and confidentiality

Our data processing is documented continuously in Bostadsregistret.se’s web-based platform.

Follow-up and evaluation of our handling of personal data shall be done at least annually.

Any incidents relating to personal data we process should be reported to the CEO without delay. The CEO shall report the incident to ”Datainspektionen” without unnecessary delay and no later than 72 hours, and take the necessary measures as a result of the incident.

Our requirements for personal data accordning to GDPR should always be ensured in procurement and development of IT solutions and services, and shall be part of the requirements specification and any agreements.

For data processing of employees, landlords and applicants the personal data should be according to this Privacy policy, Bostadsregistret AB is Data controller. Connected landlord’s responsibility is handled by DPA linked to the Brokerage agreement.

What personal data do we treat and why?

We treat the following categories of personal data for the purposes stated below and on the basis of the legal grounds stated in relation to the respective treatment.

Website users

When you visit Bostadsregistret AB’s website, we process your personal information as below. Also read more on ”Questions” on the website.


How long do we save your personal information?

We save your personal information only as long as we need the data to fulfill the purpose of the treatment. For more information on how long we keep your data, see our Storage Policy below.

Where do we collect data from?

We collect personal data from different sources:


When you register as a applicant or landlord, contact us for questions or other services, eg. questions about queue, application of interest for a particular item or contacting us, we collect the information from you that is necessary for us to complete the current assignment, provide the service or answer your request.

Co-applicant. All tasks handled are handled in the same way for co-applicants. Co-applicants shall either authenticate that he or she knows this alternatively, the main applicant must sign that he / she has attorney to use the co-applicants’ information. The main applicant will then be responsible for the tasks and correctness of the co-applicant. The Co-applicant have no rights to the account other than to be forgotten if it does not violate this policy, laws and etc.

Public registers. If necessary, we collect information from public registers, eg Swedish Tax Agency or Kronofogden. Examples of data we retrieve from public registers for this purpose are property information or information about depts and etc.

To ensure that your information is up to date, we can co-ordinate our customer register with the ”Folkbokföringsregistret”.

In connection to an assignment, we collect information from the Landlord for which the object belongs. This information is stated and is the responsibility of the Landlord for its correctness.

The information we collect from the landlord is name, company name, personal ID number, organization number, telephone number, address, apartment number information about employees if necessary (including personal ID number) and etc.

To which recipients do we transfer personal data?

We share your personal information with different recipients when necessary:

Landlords, In accordance with the brokerage agreement, we will disclose personal information (Speculative list (application of interest), credit lookups and other information provided by the applicant, etc.).

Partners (Service Providers)

We both collect and submit personal data to partners in order to offer the services. All partners is listed on the website. If a new collaboration is started, we will promptly publish the cooperation partner on the website. Exceptions may be made to temporary consultants. In general, we do not provide information about landlords to applicants other than paying members who have applied for a specific apartment from the landlord. An additional administration fee may be charged for this.

In order to fulfill the purposes of our processing of your personal information, we share personal information with service providers that we have use for this. These service providers provide IT services and marketing services. Service Providers may only process your personal information in accordance with our express instructions and may not use your information for your own purposes. They are also required by law and agreement to take appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your data.


Upon request, we may issue personal data to the ”Fastighetsmäklarinspektionen” (FMI), which supervises real estate agents in Sweden. A broker is required by law to provide FMI with the information and documents requested by FMI in its supervisory activities. The treatment is thus necessary to fulfill a legal obligation.


After / during an intermediary assignment we share information such as address, pictures and rent etc. The treatment is based on an interest weighing in order to satisfy our legitimate interest in marketing Bostadsregistret AB and our business.

Other recipients

We may, if applicable, provide your personal information to recipients other than those listed above, for example. authorities, if necessary for certain purposes.

Your rights

Under current data protection laws, you have a number of rights in relation to the processing of your personal data.

You are entitled to: Request access (so-called registry extracts)

You are entitled to request confirmation from us if we process personal information relating to you, and in such cases request access to the personal data we are processing about you, a so-called. records. If you are an active customer, you can always see all the information on my pages. If there is any information missing, we will promptly make sure that you find the information through my pages. The processing time for this may vary depending on the scope of the work.

Request correction

In addition, if you believe that a statement about you is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request a correction.

Revoke consent with future effect

To the extent that we process your personal information based on your consent, you are entitled to revoke your consent to your future treatment at any time. This means that if you revoke your consent, we have the right to continue processing your collected personal information with your prior consent.

Right to oppose processing for direct marketing purposes

You also have the right, at any time, to oppose our processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes and to unsubscribe from further mailing by notifying us such as by clicking a unregister link in the mailbox.

As of May 25, 2018, you also have the following rights in addition to the above rights, as far as data protection legislation is concerned.

Right to oppose treatment that relies on a balance of interest

You are entitled to oppose treatments that relate to a balance of interest. However, we may continue to process your data, even if you oppose your treatment, if we have compelling legitimate reasons for consideration considering privacy.

Right to erasure

Under certain circumstances, you may delete your personal data, such as if the treatment is based on your consent and you revoke this consent. However, this does not apply if we are required by law, for example, to preserve the data.

Right to request limitation of treatment

You may also request that the processing of your personal data be limited. Please note, however, that if you request that the processing of your data be limited, we may not be able to meet our obligations to you during the time the treatment is limited.

Right to data portability

Finally, you have the right to get a copy of the personal data relating to you in a structured format (data portability). The right to data portability, unlike the right to register extract, thus only covers data we process based on your consent or agreement, such as assignment agreements and which you have provided to us, which usually includes name, social security number and contact details.

Contact information

Bostadsregistret AB, 559321-6152

Address: Kanalgatan 20, 553 22 Jönköping E-mail info@bostadsregistret.se Telephone number: 036-2999700

Contact information ”dataskyddsombudet”

E-mail info@bostadsregistret.se

Storage Policy

We keep your personal data only for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes of our processing of your personal information. Below we indicate how long we save your personal information for each purpose. Your information should then be anonymized so that they can not be linked to you in any way.



We have appointed a Data Protection Controller to supervise compliance with the Data Protection Regulation and other regulations governing the processing of personal data. Where you can also turn to make other objections to the processing of your personal data.

Personal Data Responsible is Bostadsregistret AB, Org.nummer: 559321-6152, which you have entered into with or otherwise provided personal information to, or who has obtained your personal information from third parties, such as your employer.

Bostadsregistret AB reserves the right to price changes without prior notice. Bostadsregistret AB reserves the right to price changes, minor discrepancies, and errors in terms of policy, price and price information.

Bostadsregistret AB reserves the right to terminate, disable and delete accounts if special reasons exist. Any loss will not be replaced.

Bostadsregistret AB also has the right to terminate or terminate your access to Bostadsregistret AB immediately and without notice if you repeatedly or repeatedly violate the terms of our terms.

Bostadsregistret AB is not responsible for ensuring that the content made available through the service is correct or complete and damage resulting from content incorrectness is not replaced.

Bostadsregistret AB does not under any circumstances be liable for damage if Bostadsregistret AB has not acted intentionally or grossly negligently.

Bostadsregistret AB may contain links to other sites that are not under our control. We are not responsible for privacy or content on these sites without providing links to facilitate our visitors to find more information in specific areas.

Furthermore, Bostadsregistret AB is not responsible for criminal acts committed by using Bostadsregistret AB services, such as threats or allegations, for obscenities, for disturbing, infringing, inappropriate or illegal content or behavior by any user.

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You are also always entitled to file a complaint or file a notification of violations of the Data Protection Ordinance to Datainspektionen.


If you have questions or want to use any of your rights, please feel free to contact us.

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